Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Time Has Come to Replace File Systems

I am working on a new general-purpose data management system that I think has the right feature set to make it a viable candidate as a suitable replacement for conventional file systems. It is not just another new file system that adds a few new features but still adheres to the general file system architecture that is now decades old.

Instead, it radically departs from the conventional architecture and presents a whole new way to create, protect, and manage data. This new architecture is the result of years of careful design.  It offers solutions to many problems that have plagued file systems over the years and takes entirely new approaches to data management that will enable new ways of dealing with data.

The architecture is complete and the implementation phase is now over a year along. I have recruited some top talent to help me get enough features functional so users can see the power of this new system. We now have a core data management engine that is capable of performing some amazing feats. We also have a working browser application written on top of our data management API that exposes enough of the feature set to make a very good demo. Our first approach is a simple photo organizer that will help average users to get a handle on their collection of thousands (or millions) of photos.

As with every new startup, we are looking for sources of funding to help us achieve our goals. We are currently seeking a company that is struggling to manage large amounts of data and is looking for a new approach to help them solve their problem. Also, we want to talk with angel investors who want to be a part of a disruptive technology with huge potential to change the way world looks at data.

Stay tuned for further information as we introduce the world to our new system which consists of a set of data objects called Didgets (short for data widgets) that are organized into containers called Chambers. Each individual chamber is governed by an instance of the Didget Manager. The worldwide collection of all these Didget Chambers comprise the Didget Realm.

Just like the Internet which consists of a worldwide set of inter-connected servers that came out of nowhere to revolutionize the entire computing world, I believe the Didget Realm can significantly alter the data storage landscape and open up whole new industries.

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