Thursday, December 6, 2012

Extreme Performance Demonstration

I created a third demonstration video of the Didget Management System in Action. This one shows how fast we can find things even when the number of Didgets gets very high.

See it at

In this video I create nearly 10 million Didgets in a Chamber and automatically attach a set of tags to each one. Each tag has a value associated with it. I then performed queries against that Chamber for all Didgets of a certain type. I then performed an additional query for the Didgets that have a certain tag attached to it regardless of its value. Finally, I performed a couple of queries where we are looking for Didgets with that tag attached but also have a value that starts with an input string.

Again, I was running this demonstration on the same low-end PC as in the previous two videos. If I were to attempt to find all the video files on my NTFS file system and if there were 10 million files on it, that query would take nearly an hour using a regular program calling the file API. With the Didget Management System, the slowest query took about 3 seconds.

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